HAWKI, AI Interface for Universities

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HAWKI, AI Interface for Universities

As we enter the era of artificial intelligence, the transformation of information delivery and human-machine and human-system interaction is reshaping lifestyles and changing behavioral dynamics, particularly in the use of technology by different generations. This seismic shift requires the development of new educational and scientific methodologies and tools. Despite the intuitive design of current AI tools, a widespread user perception of complexity hinders their integration into everyday workflows. To address this, HAWKI, an open-source, web-based application, explores innovative interfaces for AI applications in academia. Accessible only with university credentials, HAWKI ensures data integrity and privacy while providing a user-friendly interface and prompts tailored for academic purposes. It targets users with varying levels of familiarity with AI and enhances their research and study capabilities through specialized chat rooms and prompts.
In addition, HAWKI’s open-source nature supports community engagement, transparency, and collaboration across universities. Hosting the code on GitHub encourages customization and rapid innovation to meet the unique needs of different universities. More than 30 German universities have adopted HAWKI, reflecting its versatility and commitment to democratizing technology in higher education.
The implementation of AI in higher education is promising, but requires more than superior tools; it requires a focus on enablers for knowledge transfer and innovative initiatives. HAWKI embodies this by fostering a collaborative environment conducive to educational advancement and understanding of AI among staff and students. This initiative not only harnesses the potential of AI but also promotes a culture of continuous learning and innovation, underscoring the importance of collaborative efforts for the future of academia.


  • Stefan Wölwer (HAWK Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen)
  • Vincent Timm (HAWK Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen)


  • 2. September 2024
  • 15:00 Uhr


  • Impulsforum Praxis